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Sawmill 1987 year for the manufacture the boards of different sizes


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On the given line can work only three-four people that monitor the correct operation of the mechanics. The first works on the selection of the log, the second controls the correct turn logs and gives the command to replay the logs, in the case of a special order. The third man is watching waste and processing of slabs, can also monitor the harvesting of wood chips. The entire plant consists of submission, review, debarking machine, machine tool longitudinal trimming of slabs, trimming lathe, Planing machine, machine for the manufacture of the chips. There feeding the tree to the plant, supply of finished boards on the load and the transportation line.

Year: 1987
Price: 207 819 €*
*This item is located in Europe. The price does not include: disassembly-assembly, transportation and customs clearance, including taxes and fees. Unless otherwise indicated in the text.