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Sale used sawmill with sorting line 44 pockets


Full description ID 22

1. Log receiving, deck with step feeder hydraulic drive.

2. Log conveyor.

3. In feed conveyor to bark machine.

4. Bark machine CAMBIO 85*66 ari-ten

5. Outfield centering from bark machine.

6. Metal detector ABB 1000 with belt conveyor.

7. Log conveyor in lo sawline.

8. Cross conveyor.

9. Log conveyor.

10. In feed conveyor lo chip edger.

11. Chip edger SODERHAMN 240-15

12. Feed rollers to bandsaw.

13. Three band saws AKE 245 units with 1 500 mm wheels.

14. Pipes for sawdust from band saws. fan. Cyclone

15. Out feed conveyor from band saw.

16. Conveyor and cross conveyors for emerge around system for band saws.

17. Roll conveyor to sorting line

18. Cross conveyor.

19. Board separator

20. Centering conveyor for EDGAR.


22. Conveyor to sorting line.

23. Cross conveyor.

24. One blade saw machine.

25. Conveyor to sorting line.

26. Belt conveyor with metal detector.

27. Chipper BRUKS 1300 M.

28. Chains, wheel* and gears for conveyers for wood chips.

29. Complete electronic for sawline REMA 9000 NOBEL ELECTRONIC.

30. Complete hydraulic for sawlinc.

And used sorting line

1. Cross conveyor.

2. Lift elevator with singular.

3. Cross conveyor with blade saws one left, one wright.

4. Belt conveyor off cuts.

5. Top chain conveyor with hooks for transport boards to pockets.

6. 44 pockets, 25 pockets with hydraulic.

7. Cross conveyor under all pockets.

8. Cross elevator.

9. Singulator for boards into packing machine.

10. Packing machine.

11. Sticker stocker half automatic.

12. Roll conveyor for ready material.

*This item is located in Europe. The price does not include: disassembly-assembly, transportation and customs clearance, including taxes and fees. Unless otherwise indicated in the text.