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The plant making wooden slats for pallet 2007 year


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It is a specific plant, for shorting, small logs with a max. diam. of 350 mm., into wooden slats for Pallets .

The plant, needs an operating surface approx. of Mt. 25 x 8 ( tot. mt/2. 200 ), and in case of your interested it has to be installed, in the same way, as it is now .

In case of some modification, we have to quote an extra price for different automations.

The plant is composed by : n°1 Double End cutting circular saw for logs, mod. Pezzolato n°1 Electronic Prisma machine mod. mod. CML . The prismatic machine brand CML is to be considered as new, seeing that the whole system was only used for one semester. It has four shafts, each with a motor Kw. 55. Currently it is used with n ° 3 blades each shaft (n ° 2 movable blades and one fixed), but it could to mount up to a maximum of n° 5 blades . The machine operates with a continuous cycle, and is fully electronic, for which, the feeding speed is taken automatically in function of the size of the logs, of their moisture, and then the effort of the motor. So the feeding is not adjusted in terms of mt / m, but rather as a function of drive power. Has incoming automatic system for adjusting the position of the blades according to the size of the logs (must be straight it but can have different diameters.) The length min / max. small logs size is determined with the miter saw PEZZOLATO, and it must be between 800 mm. and 1500 mm. long.

n°1 Multirip saw with n°2 shafts mod. CML It has No. 2 Motors with 55 kw. each Cutting height mm. 180 approx. Max. Width of pieces at entry is of mm. 600, maximum working width mm. 400

n°1 Multiripsaw machine with n°1 shaft mod. CML It has No. 1 Motor of 20 kW. Max. Working mm. 300

n°1 Double Automatic Stacking machines for slats falling into a trolley box.

n° Miscelleanaus Automations

By this plant You do not need any specific person for the recovery of waste, as this work can be done by the operator taking care to the prismatic. For the plant, need max. No. 3 total people (n ° 1 operator for Prismatic machine and for the single shaft Multirip saw machine mod. CML, n ° 1 Operator for the two shafts Multirip saw mod. CML and for one small trimming machine for scraps, and n°1 Operator for stacking ) The stacking operation, means to replace the container where the cut slats fall in, controlled by level sensors, with another container,with hydraulic and automatic lifting and lowering and with a subsequent shift to the discharge position by one hydraulic Forklift . The alignment and packaging must be carried out successively and separately by another operator. The average production plant in eight ( 8 h.) hours of work is approx. 50 Mt / 3, considering, a moisture content of the timber different with different cut. If the production, maintains the same diameters of logs and the machine doesn't need any selfregulation of each log prismatic, the production comes reach approx. 60 Mt3 / day.

Dimensions of the logs to works :

Diameters of the logs : Min. 100 mm. Max. 300 mm. The max. lenght of the shorted log ready to be finished is of mm. 1500 The inlet lenght of the log is without any limit ( any lenght you like ), because will be shorted by the first machine on line, mod. PEZZOLATO, up to max 1500 mm. lenght The feeding of the logs in the machine is made with the system, step by step, to a max lenght of 1500 mm .

Construction year of the plant : 2006 / 2007. This plant has worked only 6/7 months long in total .

Year: 2007
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