Cost €

Used plant for pellet model P.SYSTEM with CE norms. The installation is still connected.
Year: 2008

Log cross feeding line, the bark transporter - scraper, Log length transporting line, Belt transporter thro...

Year: 1990

Log cross feeding line, log length transporting line including log turner, Log length transporting line aft...

Year: 1998

Specification, Sorting logs 2 x 20 pockets, Max speed about 120 m/min or 700 logs/hour, A table for re...

Year: 1995

Sold line treatment of small-diameter logs, consisting of a scanner Rema, conveyors and two woodworking machine HewSa...

Year: 1994

Supply line logs debarking machine and hydraulic manipulators

Year: 1989

For sale in good condition timber line and the line of the sorting Board 44 of the pocket

Dryer line, for dryer wet sawdust. Capacity 6,0 ton / hour. Time 300 days and 24 hours. 7200 ...

Year: 2008