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Plant for the production chips Dynamic CH585B


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Abrasion and powerful machine for grinding whole trees. Exclusive tapered drum chops chips with energy consumption by 30-40 percent less than the analogues with flat top drums.

Width 86.4 cm, height 55.9 cm, this cutting surface allows you to quickly cope with the grinding timber as well as the butt logs - allowing the loader to quickly apply for chopping boards.

Material supply system with three shafts runs smoothly tree drum compartment for chopping wood, reducing the time for the operator on the truck and time on the process of the material for grinding.

Technical Specification

  • Exclusive drum with eight knives makes chopping the lowest power-consuming.
  • Very durable tapered drum ensures durability
  • Benefits

    Tests show that the equipment in comparison with analogues gives 30% -40% more chips on one liter of fuel consumption.


  • 3m long x 2.21m wide), 3 chain supply, built-in program management.
  • 2 vertical shaft for feeding - (42cm) diameter x length (76cm), a hydraulic actuator.
  • 1 horizontal shaft - (56cm) diameter x length (83cm), hydraulic spring clamp shaft, hydraulic drive shaft
  • Lafet quickly removable for replacement in case of breakage, mounting bolts.
  • Drum and crushing compartment
  • Tapered drum directs chips on the edge; most chips ejected large plates mounted on the end of the drum. On machines with similar ploskopoverhostnym drum chip ejection system weighs more than a ton.
  • 8 knives in the recess pockets, the pockets in turn incorporated into the design of the drum.
  • The axis of the drum diameter of 127mm is made of super strong steel.
  • Lower protivonozh attached bolt that allows you to perform a quick replacement.
  • The design of the canopy - goes down for easy access to replacement parts.
  • Side knives chopping bolted for quick and easy replacement.
  • Smooth pipe bend gives fast unloading chips and reduces wear design.
  • Wear plate in the pipe bolted.
  • power nodes
  • Engine Cummins QSX 15L Tier3 520L diesel, basic version
  • oil pump controlled by a microprocessor, in the basic version
  • Remote control for complete control in the basic version
  • Auto feed option adjustment in the basic version
  • 5 years warranty on the drum (material defect)
  • Year warranty on unit
  • Full warranty on the motor
  • length (9.3 m)
  • Width (2,845 m)
  • height (3.3 m)
  • Weight (14.28 tons)
  • Year: 2014
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